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As you know our diets as a whole are not good.  We eat a lot of pre-packged foods, fast-foods, foods that are not high in nutrient content.  Also and a lot of our foods are being stripped of there nutrients either from poor farming techniques or from the way they are processed.  We are an overfed and undernourished population!

Standard process has been in business since 1929.  There are a company that specializes in WHOLE food nutrition.  This means that there supplements are made directly from the actual food source.  There is no synthetic altering of the nutrients, or loss of nutrients during the manufacturing process.

A good example of this, is that there multivitamin is made from 12 different food sources, such as carrot root, wheat germ, rice bran, bovine liver, etc....  A common nutrient in carrots is Beta-Carotene.  Most vitamin companies take this specific nutrient (synthetically) and put it into there vitamin, however, did you know that there is over 200 known ingredients in a carrot?  Standard process gives you the WHOLE source, this helps with digestion and utilization of the Beta-Carotene and contains many other enzymes which help the body  perform a verity of different functions.  This is just one example of how great the Standard Process products really are!

Dr. Vetter has been working with Standard Process since 2011.  He has received many great results working with his patients including but not limited to weight loss, decrease sugar cravings, balanced blood sugar, acid re-flux, decrease joint pain, more energy, and much more!  Call today to schedule a nutritional exam, so we can specifically take a look at where your body is deficient and how we can improve your health with WHOLE food nutrition.

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